My Composter

My better half, Alan, has just been named the Tennessee Environmental Council’s Composter of the Season! Thanks to Alan, we’ve been composting for over two decades. It began when our girls were young and the household was running at breakneck speed — two full-time jobs, two different schools, ballet lessons, church committee meetings, tai kwon […]

Be the Custodian of Your Awareness

“Be the custodian of your awareness. Care for it well. Don’t let others dictate where your awareness goes. Don’t let advertisement, don’t let politicians, don’t let the messages of society somehow become the default of what you focus on, what you pay attention to, and what you think about…. And be very careful that your attention goes to things that feed and develop that which is best in you, that which is wholesome and beneficial, that which is good for you.”

Ways to Joy: Letting Go of Self Without Self-Sacrifice

Letting go of the small self is key to joy. Of course that means being there for others — but does it mean “service”? The obvious response to this is yes, but for those of us who slip too easily into letting others walk all over us, perhaps not. Instead, here are some other, safer avenues that come to mind.