Mindful Self-Compassion Practices

Green = Quick; Yellow = Hurting; Lavender = Favorite

Practices and Components Section/Page Type Audio
Inner Smile Mentioned p.241
Soothing Touch 1/p.171 (+ p.10 of notebook) Informal practice
Kind Words (“Of course you feel that way”) Mentioned p.241
Common humanity (“Just like me”) Mentioned p.241
Self-Compassion Break 1/p.173 Informal practice Self-Compassion Break (short – 6 min.) (CG)
Self-Compassion Break for Shame (12 min.) (CG)
Protective Self-Compassion Break (9 min.) (KN)
Rhythm of the Breath Mentioned p.241
Affectionate Breathing 2/p.179 Core meditation #1
Sounds in the Environment Mentioned p.241
Mindfulness in Daily Life 2/p.200 Informal practice
Self-Compassion in Daily Life 2/p.200 Informal practice
Loving Kindness
Loving-Kindness for a Loved One 3/p.218 Meditation
Compassionate Movement 3/p.222 Informal practice
Finding Loving Kindness Phrases 3/p.225 Informal practice
Loving-Kindness for Ourselves 4/p.232 Core meditation #2
Compassionate Letter to Myself 4/pp.245 & 248 Informal practice C. Germer PDF
Compassionate Speaking to Myself 4/p.249 Component?
Giving & Receiving Compassion 5/p.251 Core meditation #3 C. Germer
K. Neff
Core Values
Living with a Vow 5/p.261 Informal practice
Compassionate Listening
Silver Linings 5/p.263 Exercise can use with compassionate listening
Compassionate Listening 5/p.265 Informal practice “Listen from the neck down”
The Body
Soles of Feet 2/p.189 Informal practice
Compassionate Body Scan R(Retreat)/p.273 Meditation
Sense and Savor Walk R/p.277 Informal practice
Savoring Food R/p.279 Informal practice
Compassionate Walking R/p.281 Informal practice
Meeting Difficult Emotions
Working with Difficult Emotions
1. Labeling emotions
2. Mindfulness of emotion in the body
3. Soften-soothe-allow (SSA)
Working with Shame



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