Taking In the Good

I first learned about Rick Hanson’s Taking in the Good from a class with Oren Jay Sofer. For one week, I practiced it … and it was a glorious week. But then I forgot. Until yesterday — when a Dharma sister told me clearly and unequivocally how I’ve helped her. I was blown away — and suddenly remembered to pause and take it in.

It was powerful enough that I took the time to unearth my class notes — and I’m glad I did. I’d forgotten a key piece. Oren had us focus on “ordinary, small experiences of pleasure or well-being.” The experiences don’t have to be big. Actually, the “smallness” is where much of the magic lies. Another aspect I’d forgotten is that Oren included it in a section about building resilience — something I gather many of us need more than ever of late.

If you’re not familiar with this practice, I encourage you to read Dr. Hanson’s article. Once you’re familiar with the background, here’s a summary that may help. It’s based on Oren’s version.

  1. Notice ordinary, small experiences of pleasure or well-being.
  2. Receive nourishment by lingering there at least 20 seconds.
  3. Try to do this at least five times per day.

Note: You can do this with your imagination