Pomodoro Creativity in the New Year

I’ve made two resolutions for this new year of 2022. One is quite private, but the other I yearn to share. I vow to nourish the creativity that drove the creation of this site.

The Specifics

  • What? Building my three websites: Wise Speech Online, my private journal, and, of course, this site.
  • Why?
    1. If I don’t work on them regularly, the two public ones could easily die on the vine. But that’s not a good enough reason.
    2. Noteworthy: I love honing my skills — especially unexpected tangents, e.g., into CSS.
    3. I have the sense that in moderation this helps my sense of confidence. Note that overdoing puts this at risk.
    4. Attempting to articulate the big reason…. My inner artist longs to be nourished, to take flight.
  • When? Each morning (retreats, travel, visitors, and illness aside)
  • How?
    • Use the Pomodoro method.
    • 5-60 minutes. No more. No less.
    • Always begin by:
      • doing a quick brain dump on paper;
      • briefly scanning my list of ideas;
      • pausing for at least a minute;
      • then creating a new post.
    • After that, it could be working on CSS, SVG, site infrastructure, etc. Whatever feels best.
    • End with pause, relax, bow, let go, let go, let go….
    • See where this leads.
    • Reassess and possibly refine in a few weeks.